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About Healthy Body

Integrated care at Heal-thy Body is a different kind of healthcare experience where you, as an individual, are the primary focus.  The goal at Healthy Body is to address the "whole person" and discover "the why" behind your symptoms.  For, it is "the why" that keeps you from healing and feeling well.  The keys to restoring your health are found in "the why," not in returning home with a named diagnosis in hand.

I, Seth Lambert D.O., formerly practiced as a board certified General Surgeon from 2010-2021, all the while maintaining my passion for integrative medicine, and trusting the body's innate ability to heal.  As the world of medicine rapidly changed in 2020, I recognized that my passion and ideals within medicine were leading me in a different direction than remaining at the side of an operating room table, where the timeline of care is typically at the "last resort" stage for the patient.  I now enjoy the wonderful experience of helping you avoid the operating room, as we seek together to regenerate your body and prevent  the "last resort" stage from ever occurring.

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